“I can feel the pride students have in their parents, the boundless love for their family and the great responsibility of the white coat team. I see the passion and determination in the eyes of each person. They dare to live with passion and it is also one of the important core values ​​of The Dewey Schools.”

💙Huong Giang, a grade 7 student from The Dewey Schools, shared after the “Symphony of Desire” program ended.

💙Her sharing also helps answer the question: Why did The Dewey Schools produce the “Symphony of Aspiration” project? Why did nearly 100 people including parents, students, teachers and staff diligently practice and record during the past 2 months? Why did each participant try to do their best in each picture and in every note to make the program special and perfect?

💙The Dewey Schools wishes that the Symphony of Aspiration will become an “emotional station” for TDSers and the community to take a break to feel and reflect on the good things around us, as well as be inspired to create more new and greater things in the future.

🎓Education is not just a preparation for life, education is life!

Parents and Students are invited to listen to the “sounds” of the Symphony in the following album!