The Dewey core values of Integrity, Passion, Generosity, and Life-long Learning are the 4 foundations for our curriculum and pedagogical methodology. Dewey is a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact.

The Dewey Methodology

The programs of study and learning paths at Dewey organize student learning into interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary units of study focused on making student learning personal and relevant to their global community. Students will interact, collaborate, and engage in the global community in authentic, real-world contexts.

Our Dewey methodology is based upon providing foundational knowledge and a progressive, delineated English language acquisition curricula that facilitates English language acquisition and fluency. The emphasis is on instructional designs that are inquiry-based using visible thinking routines to engage the curiosities and passions of our students.

The Dewey Programs of Study

The Programs of Study at Dewey are innovative, differentiated, and exclusive to Dewey. Our distinguished integrated curriculum is designed to enhance the knowledge and proficiencies of student’s 21st century skills through collaboration, innovation, and design thinking applications. The Programs of Study were developed with our elite partner school Mount Vernon located near Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.A. Mount Vernon is one of the top 10 most innovative schools in the U.S.A. The school has a prestigious reputation for excellence, innovation, and design thinking. The Dewey – Mount Vernon partnership provides an engaging curriculum focused on ensuring students are bilingual in both Vietnamese and English and have the skillset to be successful in colleges and universities in Vietnam and around the world. The design thinking and innovative pedagogical methodologies allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in hands on learning and application of concepts.

There are four Programs of Study established to meet the needs of the students and are based upon the education goals of each student, including The Dewey International Bilingual Program, The Dewey International Adventure Program, The Dewey International Journey Program, and The Dewey Advanced Program. In addition to that, students have the opportunity to attend Mount Vernon for a cultural immersion experience or study in the U.S.A.

chương trình nâng cao Dewey
The Dewey Advanced Program

The Advanced Program prepares students for study in Vietnam and abroad. The Vietnamese and English Integrated curriculum is focused on a more extensive, innovative Vietnamese experience while continuing to ensure English language study requirements necessary for success in our global community. The Advanced Program at Dewey for students begins in grades 1 and goes through 12. 

chương trình song ngữ tại trường liên cấp Dewey
The Dewey Bilingual Program

The Bilingual Program is the core foundational program at Dewey for grades 1 through 12. The structure and organization of the Bilingual Program is designed for students to achieve substantial capability in both Vietnamese and English and to have a deep understanding of the concepts of collaboration, innovation, and design-thinking.

Chương trình quốc tế Dewey Adventure
The Dewey International Adventure Program

The Adventures Program at Dewey for students begins in grades 6 through 12. This program prepares students for study abroad. The integrated curriculum is focused on a more extensive, innovative English language acquisition experience while continuing to honor Vietnamese language study requirements. Adventures students develop a fluency and expressiveness in English that enables them to attend college or university abroad.

chương trình Quốc tế Dewey Journey
The Dewey International Journey Program

The Journey Program for students begins in grades 9 through 12. The program requires an advanced degree of English competency as well as qualifications in supplementary subjects. Students in the Journey Program receive a U.S.A. high school diploma and have the opportunity to apply for the Innovation Program at Mount Vernon, if they are accepted and complete the Innovation Program they will receive an Innovation diploma as well. Journey program graduates can aim for high-ranking colleges or universities.

The Dewey Schools cam kết mang đến cho học sinh cơ hội học tập đa dạng
The Dewey Schools is committed to providing multiple ways for students to be successful whether they would like to continue their higher education studies in Vietnam or anywhere around the world. Dewey students are well-prepared to use their 21st century skills to meet the challenges of our global community. Protection Status