‘Today we have mustard leaf and red spinach. There are 35 bundles in total. They are sold out only after 15 minutes. The original cost is 10 thousand dong and the selling price is 17-19 thousand dong for each bundle.’

👉Above is a fun recap by a TDS 6th grader after spending 40 minutes doing a business project at The Dewey Schools.

🎯 Aiming to help students to learn and practice doing business, and to make a profit, the Business – Career Orientation lesson of 6 Vancouver was full of excitement with instructions from teachers Nguyen Trong Tung and Nguyen Chien Thang. The main activity was to buy and sell organic vegetables grown in the school’s biological garden.

🌿TDSers were enjoyable while visiting the roof-top biological garden. The direct talk with Uncle Van, the garden keeper, helped them to understand the harvesting of fast-growing vegetables for effective cash flow management. Besides, they also got answers from Uncle Van to their questions about vegetable varieties, cultivating methods in different weather conditions and pest control. During the 40-minute lesson and with previous instructions from the teachers, students of 6 Vancouver themselves harvested the vegetables, wrote a sales plan to earn a profit, then sold the vegetables to the school’s teachers and staff. After the lesson, everyone got their own ‘money’, then contributed to the Student Council for  meaningful activities to be held in the future.

👉The practical experiences in TDS’s Business – Career Orientation subject not only helps students to learn real-life business lessons, but also teaches them to value money and labor, and incubates business talents for the future. 

✨The Business – Career Orientation Program at The Dewey Schools: Students are encouraged to share their personal hobbies, interests and career orientation. Thereby, they will be able to reflect their own needs and strengths while learning.

✨Regarding knowledge, students are guided to explore potential careers, make plans for a job and keep that job, and at the same time, explore their own capacity, aptitude and value, develop personal branding tools  and then find a job.

✨Regarding skills, students are enabled to develop necessary skills for their learning and future job, such as the 4C skills set, leadership skills, teamwork skills, plan making, flexibility, etc. 

✨Regarding attitude, students are aware of their roles and responsibilities for the community and society, become cautious while making decisions, and appreciate teamwork and collaboration.