📚📚Besides the outstanding English proficiency in various knowledge fields, critical thinking, together with problem solving, is also one of Dewey Students’ strengths. At the ‘Speak to Inspire, Vietnam 2022’ competition hosted by Netflix Corporation, NPX Point Avenue, in partnership with the US Embassy in Hanoi, 3 Dewey Students beat over 700 other candidates to get impressive results: 

  • Do Ngoc Linh (8Sydney): Winner of the Debate session
  • Do Dieu Linh (7Kingston): Top 3 of the Debate session
  • Pham Linh Chi (7SanJose): Top 4 of the Debate session

️🏆 Shared champion Do Ngoc Linh: ‘On winning the contest’s championship, I feel so proud and happy. This is a chance to compete and learn about English knowledge and debating skills from other candidates. My chosen topic was ‘Rare and precious animal protection’, and I did learn a lot about the environment, sustainable development, daily-life environmental protection, and most importantly, how to protect the world’s future generations and to make positive impacts on our surrounding community.’🏆

👍 Congratulate 3 TDSers on winning those excellent achievements. From joining the competition and getting such high results, they once again demonstrate TDSers’ English proficiency, critical thinking and real-life problem solving. Hopefully they will continue to shine and get more enjoyable experiences in their journey ahead!👍


🌟 ‘Speak to Inspire, Vietnam 2022’ is organized by Netflix Corporation, NPX Point Avenue, in partnership with the US Embassy in Hanoi. The competition attracted more than 700 Students from all provinces to its English Speech, Storytelling and Debate. Apart from training Students for soft skills and English effective usage, the competition aims to raise youth’s awareness on sustainable development and promote discussion on such significant issue as environmental protection and climate change.🌟