💬 ‘An old patient staying in the hospital’ was the writing topic of a recent Literature & Empathy lesson of 1 Singapore. From the image of an old patient staying in the hospital, students were instructed to feel the story and to brainstorm ideas by closing their eyes, imagining the space and sound in the hospital. After that, they discussed their ideas, worked in their teams to picture the scenes, divide the work, and then practice acting. Each team had their own idea and acting style, which made them become ‘young actors and actresses’ of their own story. 

🖋 Particularly, during the lesson, the students tried writing a letter to a sick classmate together. The content was full of loving and innocent messages, helping the students to sympathize and express their thinking, feelings and affection using their own language.

👩Shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, a Literature-Vietnamese Language teacher: ‘The underlying method of learning Literature is empathy. After each period, TDSers learn a lot of lessons, form and nourish their feelings and affection about the surrounding world. This, gradually, helps them to sympathize with people around, think, share with others and enhance responsibility to themselves and to the community.’

👧Shared Nguyen Quynh Chi with great excitement after her lesson: ‘The lesson today was so fun. I played a role in a touching story and learned to be sympathetic to surrounding people. I also wrote a letter to share and encourage Bao Chau to recover to go back to school with us soon,’ 

👉Let’s enjoy the interesting learning activities in the Literature & Empathy lesson of 1 Singapore!