“Humongous, ginormous, a maze,..” are the words chosen by The Dewey Schools’ teachers to describe Tay Ho Tay campus after taking the school tour here. Everyone was deeply impressed by the campus’s  massive appearance.

Not only the teachers and the students, the parents are also eagerly waiting for the day their children move in to study at The Dewey Schools Tay Ho Tay campus. Everyone, from the Principal Advisory Board to the site engineers, with all their heart, is rushing to prepare the final steps before the Dewey family moves to study and work at the new school.

This video is also a small gift, bringing the gratitude and respect of the teachers and staff to the Project Team, the people who have been working day and night to a modern and most innovative school for all of our Dewey students.

In just a few weeks, The Dewey Schools Tay Ho Tay with the most wonderful, completed, and stunning appearance will officially be ready to support our students on their learning and growing path. Let’s take a look at the beauty of our new home before we officially “move house”!