THE DEWEY SCHOOLS – The pioneering Bilingual Schools, delivering world-class education, that parents look for, students love, and staff are proud of.


Our purpose is to empower and enable generations with necessary knowledge and skills to master world changes and be leaders that positively impact communities wherever they are.

Dewey core values


Dewey Students value their words, live up to their promises, and take responsibility for their actions, willing to address any challenges surrounding them.


Dewey Students live with compassion and empathy, being responsible for themselves, for their families, and for society. Dewey Students value the diversity of capacities and skills of others in society, always willing to help people around them, contributing to the community.


Dewey Students proactively take ownership of their learning process, motivate others to become explorers and discoverers. Dewey Students create a learning environment that inspires people to follow the guiding flame of motivation, passion, and the desire for exploration according to one’s capacities.

Dewey Students are the model that simulates life and life-long learning skills that are continuously transforming and expanding.


Dewey Students are proactive learners who are passionate about learning, willing to learn and engage with their teachers and peers. Dewey Students apply the obtained knowledge to make positive impacts that transform the world. Dewey Students are individuals with lifelong learning and self-educating capacity, who can continually develop their knowledge and skills and actively shape a better world.

Học sinh tốt nghiệp tại Dewey là những cá nhân toàn diện

Graduates who are integral individuals prepared for university, work, and life – in personality, knowledge, and overall well-being, able to adapt and thrive within any environment. Protection Status