Ms. Hai has had:

  • 15 years of experience in teaching, teacher training and educational management from Elementary to High school.
  • Experience in developing general educational programs for Elementary and Secondary School in Literature, Vietnamese, Ways of living, Science, etc…
  • Experience in compiling and editing books for Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary and High School.
  • Experience in managing charity projects in education for over 10 years.

Education is the support of growth for each student through self-study. Self-study capability will help students learn to organize the process of self-development, so that they can live independently and be resilient. The mission of a modern teacher is not to impart existing knowledge to students but to design and organize the TASK SYSTEM so that each student can reach his or her own findings. Therefore, a modern school is a school of the SELF-STUDY method.

I am commited to participating in the curriculum development and management, teacher training and student education, school management and operation according to the corporation’s strategic vision.