So far, Ms. Lo Huong has had: – Over 20 years of experience in Education in different roles such as academic management, in-class teacher and homeroom teacher. – Over 15 years of experience in researching on modern and effective teaching organization methods; educational ideas and structures; designing learning curriculum, writing textbooks, exercise books, reference books for different subjects in school, especially Mathematics; developing teaching plans; training teachers on how to design lessons and organize teaching activities.

Education in school should bring to students a well rounded development physically and mentally. The learning curriculum should be kept up to date. The modern educational method of organizing teachingis that: knowledge should be the product acquired by each of the student independently through a TASK system, each TASK is designed into a chain of ACTS in strict order. Each act can be done firmly by anyone and students can create the essential product in the shortest period of time. The golden rule of pedagogy in school is that “do not give students ready-made products, the students should create their products by themselves”. In school education, we do not compare one student to another, we treat each student as an independent individual and he or she is respected and developed safely.

  • Develop a set of Mathematics teaching materials for Elementary school according to the standpoint of modern education, including:
    • Textbooks
    • Exercise books
    • Designed books (lesson plans or teaching plans).
  • Train teachers to implement teaching according to the school’s objectives at campuses in the system.
  • Train teachers to create discipline, develop the required qualities and personality of a modern individual in the modern society for all students.
  • Create a safe and prestigious educational environment.