Nutrition has always been focused on by The Dewey Schools Principal Advisory Board with an aim to promote student physical and mental health. Based on the student-centered principle, apart from nutritional balance, Dewey meals are featured by diversity, attractiveness and suitability for student appetite, along with the schools’ great care to specific student groups.

Food source

All the food sources undergo a rigorous inspection; clean and natural food are preferred, with a priority given to organic, guaranteed and healthy food provided by reputable and certified suppliers.

Before that, suppliers have to go through a food source survey, along with stringent documentation and facility assessment before being allowed to supply food to the schools. At the same time, the schools also conduct regular unannounced inspections at the supplier facilities or even during food transportation to ensure food origin and preservation procedure.


The Dewey Schools menu is developed by nutritionists, in cooperation with the school specialized staff based on the principle of combining diverse and unrepeated food within a week and a month, balancing animal-based and vegetable-based sources and ensuring meal energy and quality. Normally at least 2 to 3 types of protein-rich food and 3 to 5 types of vegetables are included in a daily meal. Protein food sources are in pork (rich in iron), beef (rich in iron and zinc), chicken, duck, siamese duck (rich in zinc), shrimp, crab, fish (rich in calcium), clams, sea shrimp, sea fish (salmon, mackerel, prawn) rich in omega and other nutrients.
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In addition to the main food groups, the calcium intake is also increased with such dairy product as fresh milk, drinking yogurt, cheese, etc. to best facilitate students’ physical development. The seasonal and unrepeated menu set within 8 weeks includes a variety of Asian and European dishes, traditional specialties, which suits specific student groups and has brought excitement into student meals. In particular, the International Menu on Friday helps students get acquainted with the culinary culture of other countries. A uniqueness of The Dewey Schools is the maximization of food prepared in the school kitchen instead of ready-made food; even for cake, bread, pizza, the schools also have a specialized baking area and baking staff that serve all menus, ensure hygiene, safety and freshness.

Nutrition education

Basic knowledge about nutrition, safe food and cooking is taught to Dewey students through special meals in celebration of major festivals during the year, cooking classes, playing while learning activites, kitchen garden visit, etc., which helps students to build healthy eating habit and avoid food waste.

Professional development training for kitchen operation, food processing and nutrition is carried out annually in order to improve and strictly manage kitchen operation process.

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