Dear Parents,
The Dewey Schools is a pioneering system of bilingual schools providing a world-class education. Our purpose is to empower and enable generations with necessary knowledge and skills to master world changes and be leaders that positively impact communities wherever they are.

As leaders and educators, we are on our way to clarifying these questions of What will education be like in the future?; What will it require?; How can we master world changes?

We all know that schools have a great impact on the transformation of each individual and the whole society. In order to be successful in this new era, schools are not merely a place for students to acquire knowledge or study literacy, math and science. Instead, each school must have a broad vision in constructing the living environment for a new era –  Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.

The Dewey Schools’ educational philosophy is to inspire students’ growth through the learner-centered approach which encourages self-education, and assists them in becoming individuals who are independent, responsible, and fulfilled with an inquisitive mind and a love for lifelong learning.

The Dewey Schools is named after the philosopher John Dewey, the modern father of experiential education. At Dewey, we encourage experiential education through student-centered learning. Learning activities are organized with the methods: ‘learning by doing’, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning and design thinking which promote comprehensive development in terms of knowledge, skills, social emotional well-being and further promote an inquiring mind.

Each student is a creative and active individual in his own learning. Each student participates in constructing their learning journey unfolded over time with the support, consultancy and guidance of teachers who thoroughly understand each of them.
Our students can meet the challenges of the future and influence changes in the world around them if we encourage their natural inclination to inquire and succeed. . We can create a better world while inspiring  others through the work we carry out together realizing our pioneering mission to be a school of Inquiry, Innovation and Impact!

We are delighted to welcome our dearest parents and students to the future!

Best Regards!

The Dewey Schools’ Council of Founders Protection Status