“Dewey Scholarship” and “Dewey Talent Scholarship” are two annual scholarship programs to recognize outstanding individuals, both from and outside the schools, thereby encouraging and supporting them to grow and thrive in our learning environment. This is not only an activity in our strategy to improve the academic quality of the school and develop students’ talents, but also an effort to actively contribute to the overall progression of education in Vietnam.

Over the years, many talents have been explored, nurtured and supported by the schools’ Scholarship program. This is also a source of inspiration for students to cultivate their love of learning and a motivation for them to strive harder on their mastery of knowledge.

“Dewey Talent Scholarship” is offered to The Dewey Schools’ students. Eligibility is based on the student’s achievements in the city, national, and international academic and sports contests.

“Dewey Scholarship” is an Admission scholarship. Information about the regulations, form of approval will be announced by the school at the beginning of each annual enrollment period.