• Step 1: Register for application, submit the application and admission fees. 
    • Step 2: Take an entrance assessment as scheduled by the school. Results will be announced within 10 working days following the test date.
    • Step 3: Complete the required admission documentation and make payment of relevant fees
    • Step 4: Official enrollment is granted.

    Please be noted that enrollment is only offered to the students who have completed their admission documentation according to the eligibility conditions at least 10 days before the official admission date and have fulfilled the financial obligations as required by the school.

    For more information, visit us at: https://thedeweyschools.edu.vn/tuyen-sinh/chinh-sach-tuyen-sinh/

    or contact our Admission team via Hotline: 024.7108.8998 | Email: [email protected]

Our teaching and learning practices are based upon the modern educational philosophies, characterized by the self-study strategies, such as the “project-based” and “problem-based” learning, wherein specific tasks are organized to facilitate the students’ independence in acquiring knowledge and making practical applications. Inquiry based learning whereby teachers generate curiosity in learning across themes is our foundation.

Students are given homework as a means to develop a sense of self-learning, self-reliance and independence. Homework does not introduce new topics but is a continuance of the classroom lessons to confirm and strengthen understanding.
Time needed for homework varies according to the student’s learning level, ranging from 30 to 70 minutes for Elementary School students and from 85 to 125 minutes for Middle School students.

This depends on the ability of the students as well as the requirements of the destination school. Students will have a challenging start adjusting to any new environment. However, they will soon overcome this initial difficult time thanks to the standard streamline of the academic content as compared to other schools, and most importantly, their skills in self-study and problem solving acquired during their time at The Dewey Schools.

In order to keep track of the progress and English language acquisition of the students and identify the appropriate orientation for the English program, the school organizes 2 International English Proficiency tests namely WIDA and MAP.


WIDA features a standard framework of English language proficiency for K-12 students.

The WIDA test measures student’s academic English language development in 5 domains:

  • Social & Instructional Language
  • Language of Language Arts
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Language of Science
  • Language of Social Studies


  • MAP standards are aligned with the Common Core standards and New Generation Science Standards of the United States;
  • The tests are designed by the computer and intuitive to student’s performance, and are used in the areas of Reading, Use of Language, Sciences and Mathematics.
  • In a correlation study completed in 2012, the scale scores of the MAP were compared to the standardized scores of the ACT Testing Program. The study determined that a student’s MAP score was predictive with a 75 percent to 90 percent accuracy in determining his score on college readiness exams.

The design of our school’s Literature-Vietnamese Language curriculum follows the modern educational philosophies and supports the self-learning, self-educating approach towards the development of an independent, responsible and spiritually rich individual.
In the Vietnamese Language curriculum, students are taught how to learn a language, better their linguistic awareness and effectively use Vietnamese language in real life.
The Literature curriculum at The Dewey Schools guides them how to learn Language Arts and express their specific abilities with emotions. The program also equips them with artistic sensibilities.
Both subjects are delivered in line with the “learning-by-doing” approach, i.e. learners acquire knowledge by themselves under the guidance of the educator.

The Dewey Schools’ teaching team is a blend of experienced teachers and young, qualified and dedicated teachers.

  • The Vietnamese team are excellent graduates from local and foreign Teacher Training institutions.
  • The expatriate teaching team are native English speakers.

The Educational Research and Pedagogy Council (ERPC) ensures the ongoing and systematic training of the faculty in relation to the domestic and international standard frameworks.

The STEAM program at The Dewey Schools is designed and adapted upon STEM EiE (Engineering is Elementary), which was developed by Boston Museum of Sciences with rigorous research and pedagogical standards:

  • Contextual learning: Students connect the knowledge they learn with the world around them.
  • Collaborative learning: Students work in groups to come up with more than one solution and idea.
  • Project-based learning: Students analyze data and situations, make conclusions and develop their solutions using the knowledge learned. This helps boost their critical thinking and ownership of their learning.

JA is one of our course offerings, where students have a substantial exposure to Economic-Finance knowledge. This course was developed by Junior Achievements – a non-profit organization from the United States, providing authentic economic knowledge for Elementary School to High School students. Students will have opportunities to exercise the decision making skills and communication skills and enrich their social knowledge.

We offer a wide range of after-school clubs to best fit the diverse interests and abilities of the students. Registration for the first club is free of charge. The school shall only charge from the 2nd club onward. Parents are encouraged to have their children sign up for the school clubs on a voluntary basis.

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