The International Journey Program aims to equip students with a firm foundation of competence and thinking to successfully attend top international colleges and universities in the US and in other developed countries over the world. The program is originally transferred from our partner school, Mount Vernon, USA, and is designed for international students in Vietnam. Language instructional ratio: 85% English & 15% Vietnamese and other languages: Korean/ Japanese/ Spanish. Students are equipped with multilingual communication skills, outstanding English proficiency and high-level foreign language thinking development with 4 skills, namely Reading, Writing, Research and Global Awareness.


The program satisfies students’ aspirations to access an international standardized curriculum right in their home country and to receive a US High School Diploma that is recognized globally. Additionally, students have an opportunity to apply for Mount Vernon’s Innovation Program from Grade 9. Admitted students will attend Grades 11&12 at Mount Vernon School, USA and receive an Innovation Diploma. This is the key that enhances students’ competitiveness for admission and scholarship application to prestigious universities.

  • Students are equipped with broadened knowledge of the two educational systems, develop self-study ability, communication and independent problem solving.
  • Students acquire a proficient level of English, which either meets the self-study and self-exploration requirements, or benefits their enrolment in any university over the world.
  • Students have a background in US modern culture and language as well as Vietnamese tradition.
  • Students and parents benefit from cost savings because of students’ learning in Vietnam.


With 8 innovative subjects originally transferred from the US, including Humanities, English Natural Science, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Mathematics, etc., students will develop their global thinking, stimulate creativity, explore their own identities, be equipped with the 21st century skills, and be prepared for their future.

Consultation on career orientation and study abroad, with direct advice from US specialists, will be offered to students as soon as they have a plan for studying abroad. From that point, students will individually receive suitable orientation and draw up a list of the best and most suitable universities. Through this discussion and consultation, students will determine the 10-15 schools that fall into three levels: top-ranked, middle-ranked and bottom-ranked. After that, they will get support to prepare admission documents or scholarship application.

Learning methodology

TDS curriculum is delivered with 4 teaching methods, namely learning by doing, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning and design thinking. These 4 methods are developed based on the principle of teacher organization and student implementation so that students can explore, discover and master knowledge themselves.

These 4 learning methods, together with the curriculum and international teachers and specialists, will help Dewey students to develop 5 foundational skills of the 21st century, including communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and self-learning.

Examination & Assessment

TDS puts students in the center to build a competency-based curriculum that suits each student’s learning path. Students’ learning outcomes are not only used to assess their current competence but also serve as a basis for the school and teachers to design ability-appropriate lessons to help them improve in the future. TDS assessment objectives are specified as below:

  • Identify, plan and provide necessary information for effective learning
  • Assess learners’ knowledge, skills and personality in line with life requirements and demands (learning assessment and assessment for improvements in learning)
  • Feedback from various data sources
  • Assess learners’ attitude, understanding and perception about their learning, school environment, and their participation and/or contribution to community activities (assessment while learning)
  • Document learning performance and progress towards the goals of knowledge and skill mastery based on a synthetic learning and assessment information system
  • Plan for future learning

Preparation for Study Abroad

Besides being equipped with sufficient background knowledge and English proficiency with the IELTS band score of at least 6.5 to meet requirements for studying abroad and to receive scholarships from international universities, students need to have an extracurricular profile with other outstanding skills. This provides a demonstration of well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the development and the diversity of the school they prefer to attend. Also, leadership is a special requirement of international universities.

With the mission of equipping generations of students with necessary knowledge and skills to master the world changes and to become leaders who make positive impact on any community where they live, we provide students an opportunity to develop leadership skills through their own projects, learning activities, extracurricular clubs, student council, etc.

The Dewey Schools giúp các em trở thành những con người ham tìm tòi và khám phá
The Dewey Schools make a better world where students are enabled to become curious and inquisitive learners.

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